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Take the Kids on a Winter-Proof Camping Trip — at Home!

For nature lovers, winter can be really harsh. Not just because of the freezing temps, but because it puts camping on hold for a whole bunch of months. But just because you can’t get your tent stake through the frozen ground doesn’t mean you can’t camp out. Try taking a trip to the great outdoors indoors by setting up a camping trip at home in just a few simple steps:

Find shelter. Transform your family room into a campsite by making a good old fashioned fort out of cushions, pillows, and blankets. Set sleeping bags inside for each “camper” and catch some zzzs in your family-size “tent.”

Bring gear. Let your kids pack a backpack, just like they would if you were really venturing outdoors. Bring the necessities like flashlights (for flashlight wars on the walls), glow sticks or lanterns for late night potty trips, and books and games to keep everyone entertained. Add to your family time by making your campout a no-tech zone.

Don’t forget the best part: FOOD! Everyone knows a campout doesn’t count without staples like s’mores and banana boats. If you have a fireplace, roast marshmallows, but if not, try these homemade s’mores and banana boat recipes for some campy yumminess!

Entertain your family with games and stories. Books are great. Made up stories are even better! Go around a circle and let each family member tell a tale or play games like charades, Uno, or telephone.

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02.5.2013 / 06:16 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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