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The Bachelor

Source: The Bachelor’s Tierra LiCausi “Faked Everything” to Get Near Sean Lowe — Exclusive

The tears sure were a-flowin’ this past week in the Bachelor Kingdom. First, lovely Leslie Hughes welled up in the back of the limo after being unexpectedly (but gallantly) sent home by Sean Lowe. Her waterworks, however, were nothing compared to the virtual Niagara Falls that Tierra LiCausi — who’s already established herself as the Bachelor Season 17 drama queen – shed during a breakdown over her lack of alone time with Sean. Weeping, she even threatened to walk off the show.

In Tierra’s case, crying did the trick – with Sean abandoning the rest of the ladies at the cocktail party to comfort her. But was that a wicked grin we saw on the corner of her mouth after he did so? According to an insider who was on-set when it happened, Tierra’s tears were 100 percent crocodile — and they pissed the other contestants off good.

“Of course she faked it,” the insider tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “She faked everything. If she had really wanted to leave, she could have just gone out the door — there it was. She didn’t want to leave, she wanted to play on Sean’s guilt. Mission accomplished.”

“Oh, the other women in the house were livid,” the insider continues. “She’s so phony, no one can stand her.”

Expect things to get especially rocky between Tierra and Robyn Howard. “They didn’t get along from the get-go,” the insider notes. “But you’ll see things really blow up between them before the season is over.”

Bring. It. On.