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Teen Mom

Who Is the Father of Jenelle’s Baby? Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Finale: “A Means to an End”

Jenelle Evans spent her teenage years bonding with swamp creatures named Kieffer Delp, hanging out with actual swamp crocodiles, and doing the humpty hump with hunky randoms. The downside? Flash-forward two years and girlfriend has no idea who her baby daddy is.

Jenelle thinks Jace is the result of her love-making sessions with Andrew Lewis, but she also had a one-night stand with her bestie's boyfriend, and now her ovaries are totally confused. Luckily, Andrew agrees to take a paternity test, and bonus! He tells Jenelle that he won't pay Jace's child support if he's not the dad. Wow, what a standup guy (it's opposite day).

So, is Andrew Jace's biological father? You betcha, suckas — it's 99.99 percent certain that Andrew procreated with Jenelle. In the words of Barbara Evans, we're "shawked. SHAWKED!" And so is Andrew. This dude can't believe he's Jace's pops (especially considering the fact that they look nothing alike), but he seems pretty excited. At least, we think he's excited. It's kind of hard to tell what's going on underneath that fedora...

By the way, Andrew keeps calling Jenelle "baby" and "honey," which is slightly weird considering that he hasn't seen her in two years. And you know, the fact that they live in separate states. But whatever, Andrew — do you!

02.5.2013 / 10:11 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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