Why Did Chelsea Houska Want Adam at Her GED Party?
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Teen Mom

Why Did Chelsea Houska Want Adam at Her GED Party?

Chelsea Houska is even more addicted to Adam Lind than we're addicted to his terrifying facial hair pattern. These two are infamous for their on-again off-again relationship, and just when Chelsea is finally in a good place she finds herself pining for him. Sigh, when will she heed the words of TLC and finger-wag in Adam's face while singing "No Scrubs"?

This week on Teen Mom 2's epic Season 3 finale, Chelsea shocked fans by sad-facing over Adam during her celebratory GED party. What gives, girl?!

"I always wanted him to be there, you know what I mean?" she tells Maci Bookout during Teen Mom 2 After Show. "I wanted to accomplish everything with him by my side, and Aubree. I was happy that I did it without him, but you always wish you could have that support system that you wanted."

Poor Chelsea! We would have loved to see Adam send her a congratulatory text or email, but maybe his lack of communication is for the best. Chelsea falls for Adam's mysterious charms whenever he's being nice to her, so at least his lack of support will help her get over their relationship!

Source: MTV