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The Bachelorette

5 Reasons Selma Alameri Should Be The Next Bachelorette

Selma Alameri was just kicked out of Sean Lowe's love nest, and we're so forlorn. So forlorn that we're currently listening to Bright Eyes. But the good news? Selma is a shoo-in for ABC's next season of The Bachelorette, and we've rounded up five reasons why she should be their chosen one.

1. She's All About Family
There are two things you need to know about Selma. 1) She has the most amazing slow-laugh ever. To quote: "ah-ha....ah-ha...ah-ha..." 2) She comes from a super tight-knit family. This gal is all about finding her prince charming so she can have her very own fam-fam, and her traditional values make us 100 percent convinced that she's the real deal!

2. She's a Tease
Thanks to her strict upbringing, Selma isn't allowed to kiss on camera — which will make for a pretty PG-13 season of The Bachelorette. Thank goodness for air-kissing, right guys? Sure, a season without spit-swap sounds less than exciting, but think about it. Selma will keep her bachelors wanting more! Also, it's called immaculate conception for a reason.

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3. She's Drop-Dead Gorgeous
All of Sean Lowe's bachelorettes are beyond beautiful, but Selma has looks to kill. She's what would happen if Penelope Cruz had a baby with Eva Longoria, and then that baby had a baby with Gilles Marini. In short, Selma's stunning — her good looks alone will bring in the best ratings ABC has seen since Different Strokes!

4. She's a Break From the Norm
We're used to ABC's bachelorettes being blonde bombshells, and Selma couldn't be more different. She's rocking smokey eyes, jet-black locks of love, and ruby lips — basically she's Jasmine fromAladdin, only without the puffy blue pants and murder-happy tiger. Also, Sean is Abuu the monkey.

5. She's Adventurous
Did you see the way Sarah scaled up that mountain with Sean? She's so spunky, guys! If this gal was crowned Bachelorette, we have no doubt that she'd treat her hunky gents to all kinds of fun-filled dates — although cold-plunges are not on the menu. Unlike Sean, Selma has no interest in killing her contestants.

Do you think Selma should be Bachelorette? Hit the comments!

02.6.2013 / 10:24 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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