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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Nation Reacts to Tierra’s Hypothermia Incident: “Next Week She Shaves Her Head and Attacks Sean With An Umbrella”

In The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 6, Sean Lowe returns from his fairy tale date with Catherine Giudici to watch a horror scene unfold during his group date. Tierra LiCausi, who has more drama than Sean does in his pinky finger, apparently contracted hypothermia from jumping in Lake Louise in her sequin bikini. While the other girls were giddy about their ice cold adventure, Tierra looked legitimately hurt (no girl that vain will let mascara streak their face on purpose).

“Once again, the ambulance was called. Tierra couldn’t handle it. Same story, different day,” Lindsay Yenter snarked on camera, convinced Tierra was faking the whole thing. Bachelor Nation wasn’t buying it either, taking to Twitter to mock Tierra’s dramatics. Our favorite was Bachelor Pad 3 winner Nick “Keep Everything” Peterson, who ignored the drama entirely, focusing on the girls’ bikini bodies.

Oh, and: Memo to Sean’s sister Shay (@MixandMatchMama): We think it’s time Kensington has her own Bachelor blog!

Dana Weiss@Possessionista
I love when Tierra does her Britney impression. I hope next week she shaves her head and attacks Sean with an umbrella #Bachelor
Paige Vigil@paigevigil
Wait...Selma's laugh HA, amazing. #epic #thebachelor definitely one of the best parts of the season so far!
Jennifer Weiner@jenniferweiner
And Tierra is down. Like panties in the Fantasy Suite. #bachelor
Final Rose@TheFinalRose
Sean feels Tierra-ble. #Bachelor
Sean Lowe@SeanLowe09
My package didn't. “@Millsy11374: For @SeanLowe09 being such a Seinfeld fan, he seems to have forgotten about "shrinkage"#Bachelor
Nick Peterson@PeetysTraining
So who looked the best in a bathing suit? Lindsay?
Dana Weiss@Possessionista
I'm gonna need an EMT to help stop my ears from bleeding from all the screaming #Bachelor
Sarah Newlon@SarahNewlon
Awwww Tierra is a cold little scorpian! #bachelor
Mix and Match Mama@MixandMatchMama
Kensington just equated Tierra to the Grinch...and said she needed a Cindy Lu Who to help her. #Bachelor