Blake Jenner on Glee! Pals Nellie and Michael Say He’s “Just So…” — Exclusive
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Blake Jenner on Glee! Pals Nellie and Michael Say He’s “Just So…” — Exclusive

In case you missed the big news, Nellie Veitenheimer and Michael Weisman of The Glee Project are starting a band. Yesterday, the Season 2 fan favorites revealed the exclusive details to Wetpaint Entertainment — including their band’s name, Far and Away.

Now, Nellie and Michael are here with an update on some of their friends and former Glee Project contenders, including their close friend Blake Jenner, who now has a leading role on Glee as new football jock Ryder.

Hear what it’s like for these two to watch Blake on TV each week. Plus, you’ll never guess which former TGP contenders Nellie ended up living with after she moved to L.A.!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Are you guys still in touch with Blake?
Nellie: Yeah, he's super, crazy busy, but he tries to make it to get-togethers if he can.

Blake Jenner on Glee! Pals Nellie and Michael Say He’s “Just So…” — Exclusive
Credit: Blake Jenner on Twitter    

What's it like to see him as Ryder on Glee?
Nellie: It's really cool because he's just so Blake. Like his first episode, the first time I saw him with all those dances…

Michael: …All of the ridiculous stuff that he would do on set, like make us laugh, now he gets to do it on national TV.

So then he's fairly similar to his character, you would say?
Nellie: I don't know that his character is exactly similar, but his personality is very much showing.

Nellie, when you were on the Glee Project, they always seemed to want to pair you with Blake, for romantic numbers? Why do you think that was?
Nellie: Honestly, I didn't really pay that much — I knew that we were paired together for a couple things, but I wasn't honing in on the fact that they were pairing us up. I just was glad because we worked really well together.

Blake Jenner on Glee! Pals Nellie and Michael Say He’s “Just So…” — Exclusive
Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media    

The first season, a lot of people from the Glee Project ended up on Glee. Is there still any chance of that? Do you feel like they might call you up?
Michael: Well, it's a definite maybe. Ryan Murphy can pretty much do whatever he wants. And if he just so happens to be asking for roles that one of us fits, we'll definitely try and go out for it. But I don't know. Who knows.

Do you guys still audition for it when day player roles come up?
Michael: Not as much for Glee, not really. It's kind of hard. They know us kind of from The Glee Project. If there’s a role we fit, then we’ll audition for it.They're looking for a lot of fresh blood, too, which I think is a great idea.

If you guys could do anything, what would you want to end up on?
Michael: Well, The Walking Dead would be really fun because that's one of my favorite shows. I would say Breaking Bad, but I think they know what they're doing with that one.

So you’re both living in Los Angeles now?
Nellie: Yeah, I am living with Aylin and Lily, and Michael is living on his own. But I come over all the time, and we play music and practice and stuff. Everyone's really close. Abraham and Tyler are just a few miles away as well. We’ve kind of got this little community of Glee Project kids in Los Angeles.

Did you ever think you'd end up living with them?
Nellie: No, not at all. Well, that's not true. We kind of talked about it when we were on set, the people that knew for sure that they were going to come out here. We were like, well, obviously, we should figure something out, but things didn't really come together until I moved out here. I was just crashing with Abraham and Tyler first, and now I'm with Aylin and Lily. I just kind of go all over the place. It's really fun.

You mentioned that Glee Project fans follow you religiously, are you surprised that there is such a cult following of that show still?
Nellie: Yes and no. It boggles my mind still because now I'm a part of it, but I just watched the show last year, so I was very aware of the fan base. We're all used to it in a weird way, but, of course, you step back and go, this is crazy. It makes it easy to be able to do shows and to be able to say, ‘Hey, this is what we're doing’ and to have people excited about something I'm working on, even when it's not fully formed. It's like really crazy. We're really lucky to have that.

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Nellie's Twitter: @nellielisabeth
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