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Bradley Cooper Addresses Foot Fetish Rumor

As rumors go, it was a great one.

Last week, In Touch Weekly had a story about Silver Linings Playbook star Jennifer Lawrence setting Bradley Cooper up with her friend, model Laura Simpson. They supposedly dated for a while before things got "very awkward" when he was always touching her feet and wanting her to text him photos of her feet.

We were on standby for Bradley to stomp on this rumor, as he did about not blowing off Taylor Swift for a date. Over the weekend, Bradley talked to People and shot down two recent rumors. "It's been quite a week," he joked. "Apparently I'm shirtless while SoulCycling and then high-flying after being heartbroken by a model who I send pictures of my feet, or she sends pictures of her feet to me. It's just unbelievable." (The other rumor he’s talking about is that he ripped off his shirt after a SoulCycle class in Manhattan.)

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“The two things that are true about that are: I love SoulCycle. But I would smack a guy if he took his shirt off at the end and then ran around saying, 'Get after it,'" Coop said. And who is this girl he did not, apparently, date? "She is a friend of Jen's and we'd done the app Draw Something. We did a couple of Draw Somethings, a half a year ago, that's it." People asked if they drew any feet. He laughed and said, "We'll, only if BIGFOOT was a clue." Since we're particularly fond of the Bradley Cooper foot rumor, we're going to focus on the part where he did NOT outright deny a love of feet.

Poor guy just wants to promote his movie and try for an Oscar and this is what we care about! Sorry, man.

Source: People

02.6.2013 / 07:58 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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