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Teen Mom

Corey Simms Reveals the Moment He Finally Got Over Leah Messer

Watching Leah Messer tell Corey Simms about her pregnancy during Teen Mom 2's emotional Season 3 finale had us ugly-crying all over our bucket of cheese puffs. These two were so adorable back in ye olden days, but Leah's new baby bump sealed the deal. They are never, ever getting back together.

"It was a shock, and it was really, like, even though we were divorced, it really was the end, you know?" Corey tells MTV. "It became easier on me. [Leah and I] used to talk every day, and after all that … it just kinda shut down, pretty much. And when she moved on, that made it easier for me to move on."

Nowadays, Corey is happily engaged to his girlfriend, Miranda Patterson, and he has nothing but love for Leah's husband Jeremy. "I knew that Jeremy wouldn't try to take over my father role, so I wasn't losing my place," he says.

Looks like Corey and Leah are better off as just friends, but Corey insists that he didn't feel "stuck" while they were married. "I know I could have not been with her, but I didn't feel stuck," he explains. "We wanted to be together for the girls, that's mainly why we went through [everything]."

We're so happy that Leah and Corey have moved past their complicated breakup and are doing such a fabulous job co-parenting their daughters! Sigh, The Dirty South breeds such mature teen parents.

Source: MTV