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Jersey Shore

JWOWW Talks Baby Fever: “You Don’t Want to Wait ‘Til You Hit 40 to Start Making Those Babies!” (VIDEO)

Even though JWOWW and Roger claim that they don’t want to have kids for another year or two, at least one of them has babies on the brain now.

During an appearance on My Almost Married Life’s “Double Date” web series, Jenni revealed that Lorenzo has given her a serious case of baby fever — but there’s a catch!

Though the little nugget definitely makes her want to have a baby, she points out that she doesn’t have people to help her and Roger take care of a bundle of joy. “I’m in a different position than Nicole … my family doesn’t live in Jersey, nor does Roger’s, so we’re on our own,” she reasoned. “I don’t have any help down there. We have friends down there, but how are you going to be like, ‘Here’s my baby. Take care of it’?”

While that makes sense, we bet that Snooks and Jionni would lend them a hand! Plus, how adorable would it be for Lorenzo to have a little BFF?

But considering that Jenni is only 26, she’s giving herself some time to get married, enjoy wedded bliss, and then make some babies — but not too long.

“You don’t want to wait ‘til you hit 40 to start making those babies!” she concludes.

Do you think JWOWW and Roger will have a baby soon, or will they wait a few years? Sound off below!