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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Burning Question: What Does the Name Greg Mendell Mean?

What's in a name? On Once Upon a Time, often quite a bit. So we couldn't help but wonder if there's some meaning in the name of the stranger we met in Season 2, Episode 11: “The Outsider”/Season 2, Episode 12: “In the Name of the Brother.”

Writer Jane Espenson recently sat down with Let's Talk TV LIVE to discuss all things OUAT, and she gave a hint about what's up with the man named Greg Mendell.

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Greg Mendel's name is only a few letters off from the name Gregor Mendel who, for those of you who need to brush up on your science history, is one of the most famous founding scientists in the field of genetics.

Coincidence? Of course not! "I will say that you’re not saying a name I haven’t heard before," Jane teased when asked about the similarity. "I’m not going, like, 'Oh, my God, there was a famous scientist [the founding father of genetics] named Gregor Mendel?'"

Hmmm. We assume the OUAT Greg won't actually be the famous scientist. Do you think the name is metaphorical, because Greg will be representing science vs. magic? Is there some other meaning?

Share your theories below!

Catch the next episode of Once Upon a Time on Sunday, February 10, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: Let's Talk TV LIVE

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