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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Ezria Spoiler Roundup: What Happens Next?

Now that Ezra (Ian Harding) knows the truth about his son and Aria's (Lucy Hale) lie, what comes next for Pretty Little Liars' longest running couple?

We've rounded up the juiciest Ezria spoilers for the rest of Season 3B right here.

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Is it really Ezra's son? While the timing makes it seem like Maggie's kid is definitely Ezra's, Lucy Hale did drop this line in an interview about the season: "You’ll definitely see more of Maggie and you’ll see more of [Ezra’s] son ... or what you think is his son." It sounds like the paternity question might not be settled after all.

How does the revelation effect Ezria? As we've already seen, Ezra is pretty shaken by discovering he's a surprise father, and he will take a step back from Aria while he tries to figure out being a father. Meanwhile, finding herself thrust into the middle of such an adult problem will make Aria question their age difference and the relationship in a way she hasn't before.

Enter Wesley. Ezra's little brother, Wesley (Gregg Sulkin), will play a role in the conflict, too. After all, he's a lot like Ezra, but younger, and he's back starting in Season 3, Episode 18: "Dead to Me." Will that lead to a love triangle? It's not out of the question.

But don't despair! This all seems like bad news for Ezria, but PLL showrunner Marlene King has hinted that fans shouldn't assume "the worst" for the couple, and writer Bryan Holdman has said Ezria fans should have hope.

Plus, spoilers suggest they'll manage to make it through the drama in the end — and Aria may even open up to Ezra about the "A" situation. However, we can expect their relationship to change, which makes perfect sense.

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