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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Live Chat: Season 3, Episode 18, “Dead to Me”

Are you ready for another O-M-G episode of Pretty Little Liars?

In tonight’s episode (Season 3, Episode 18: “Dead to Me”), Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) say goodbye to Ali (Sasha Pieterse) once an for all. (Or so they think!)

But with everything that has gone on since Ali's disappearance, the girls are divided about going to yet another memorial. Aria, Hanna and Emily may be ready to say goodbye (again), but Spencer, on the other hand, has had enough and wants nothing to do with the burial.

Meanwhile, Emily goes to visit Dr. Sullivan (Annabeth Gish) to help with her unresolved feelings about killing Nate, but comes away with much more than expected. Was she involved in Ali’s death?!

Below, join Wetpaint Entertainment for our “Dead to Me” live chat! Keep refreshing for more updates and join the conversation in the comments.

Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    

8:03 — “Is she Saint Ali now? Are her bones sacred relics or something?” Spencer obviously has her Hastings face on.

8:05 — Oh, Mona. Way to kick Spencer when she’s down. Who’s ready for that Mona-Spence catfight?

8:06 — HALEB SCENE <3

8:07 — Is it just us or does Aria get all of the best musical moments?

8:16 — If you ever get a creepy message written in French, Spencer Hastings is your go-to gal. But WHO wrote the creepy note? Our guess is Mona. That girl is cray.

8:19 — “I killed someone.” Don’t worry Em. We’re pretty sure everyone in Rosewood has a body buried in their past.

8:21 — OK, we lied. Spencer gets all of the best musical moments. We really miss Spoby.

8:25 — Aw, we love a good Haleb scene. But we’re not loving Hanna’s overalls. When cleaning out a barn, overalls are optional.

8:29 — When did PLL become American Horror Story?! This is scary. Poor Em! Do you agree?

8:31 — Wait, did Emily kill Ali?! It sorta looks like she did. Or did she hit the killer? Read some of our theories here.

8:36 — We think Caleb’s uncle might actually be his dad.

8:40 — Looks like Aria and Wesley have more in common than we thought! Was he hooking up with his physics teacher?!

8:47 — Nope. He was just hitting on her. Does that really warrant an afternoon brawl?

8: 49 — Wow. Kudos to Hanna for figuring out Uncle Jamie is actually Caleb’s dad! If only he’d believe her...

8:51 — Um, Dr. Sullivan, we wouldn’t trust anything Mona gives you. Those flowers are probably weapons of mass destruction.

8:55 — Consider us creeped too, Hanna!

8:56 — Who was Ali’s baby daddy? Detective Wilden, Rosewood’s finest.

8:57 — Emily didn’t kill Ali! She mixed up her nightmares (obviously), and she was actually remembering the night “A” dug up Ali’s body. Who was creepin’ in the shadows? The girl in the red coat!

8:58 — So is the girl in the red coat Ali?! Hanna seems to think so...

8:59 — Hell hath no fury like Spencer Hastings scorned.

9:00 — That was definitely Toby’s wallet at the table, right?

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