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Selena Gomez Wants to Kiss WHICH Member of One Direction? The Answer Is…

It appears appropriate that Selena Gomez doesn't know she's beautiful — but One Direction's members sure do!

Selena Gomez spoke to reporters to promote her recent Nylon magazine cover, and she was told the group One Direction has said that she is the female celebrity whom they'd most like to kiss.

"When did they say that?" a startled Selena responded with a giggle. "That's really nice. I'm sure they said that for shock's sake, maybe." Don't be so modest, Selena!

When Selena was assured that the 1D boys were serious, Selena said, "That's really nice! I love all of them. I've met them and they're so sweet."

"They're really good guys," she continues.

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Selena was then hit with the toughest question ever: Which One Direction guy would she most like to kiss?

"Oh, no," Selena said before giving the question some thought. "Zayn! Maybe. That's it, I'm done!"

Good choice, Selena! Then again, when it comes to wanting to kiss someone from One Direction, is there really such thing as a bad choice? We think not.

And this makes things interesting for Zayn, since he and Selena's ex Justin Bieber have become besties and are spending lots of bonding time together. Awkward!

So what do you think? Are you on Team Zaynlena?

Source: Us Weekly