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Was American Idol 2013 Contestant Matt Farmer Eliminated For Lying About Being Wounded in Iraq?

An American Idol 2013 scandal to beat (nearly) all scandals! Long Beach hopeful Matt Farmer recently admitted he lied in his audition intro about suffering a traumatic brain injury from an IED explosion in Iraq. According to his heart-rending story, Matt was allegedly told he was probably sterile from the medications he took to treat his condition. Yet, six months later, his wife found herself miraculously pregnant.

In fact, Matthew Farmer’s “medical incident”was actually due to a dangerous combination of acne medicine and alcohol. At first, he tried to say it was the choppy editing done by the show that made him look like he was lying, but ultimately he came clean to Guardian of Valor:

"It was ALL lies," Matt wrote. "I in fact HAVE lied since a younger age and had a problem with it. I am coming out and making a statement (even though I was instructed not to) because I DO want to come clean." He went on to say, “I indeed have many things to work with and need to get a lot of help doing it. Again I apologize to everyone that I have come across and hurt or lied too.”

Many of his fellow soldiers took to the site to let the world know of their disgust about his false account after seeing Matt Farmer on American Idol 2013. Sgt. David Johnson said the following about the fact that the lies were not only shameful, but actually put the other soldiers in peril:

“His actions endangered the rest of his platoon and company and forced the rest of the company to be searched in what is called a ‘health and welfare’ for illegal substances," Sgt. Johnson said.

So the question has lingered -- is Matthew Farmer still on American Idol 2013 despite this enormous gaffe? While the show had no comment, TV Guide recently reported that the young father, who impressed the judges with his rendition of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come,” is no longer on the show. Well, he was right -- a change sure did come!

What did you think of this scandal? Do you think American Idol 2013 producers eliminated him because of his lies? Or did he just not have the chops to make it to the next round?

Source: TV Guide

02.6.2013 / 03:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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