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The Bachelor

What Are Jake Pavelka and Kristin Chenoweth Doing For Valentine’s Day?

Jake Pavelka is flying high on the wings of love! Get it? Because he's a pilot? This Bachelor hottie has been dating The Good Wife's Kristin Chenoweth since 2012, and their love connection is hotter than ever!

"We met at an awards show for Hallmark," Jake tells Us Weekly. "She hosted and I was presenting an award." Sigh, you've done it again, Hallmark. Damn you and your perfect love-filled greeting cards!

Jake says he and Kristin are doing "great," though he's the first to admit that "she's the one who has the talent." Aww, don't sell yourself short, Jake! Looking studly totally counts as a talent.

In other news, Valentine's Day is coming up (chocolate binge-eating, here we come), but these lovebirds are not spending it together. "If I tell you, it'll give my secret away!" he joked about what he has planned for the day, adding, "Actually, she has a concert on the 15th at Lincoln Center so she's rehearsing and I'm staying out of her way."

If by "staying out of her way" Jake means "I'll be painting my body in edible chocolate," then we completely approve.

Source: Us Weekly