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Jersey Shore

What Bizarre Item Does Snooki Collect That Her Fiance Jionni Doesn’t Know About? (VIDEO)

During a recent interview with Celebuzz, Snooki claimed that while her fans may not know everything about her, fiancé Jionni did.

However, when revealing the odd collection she has in her closet, she admitted not even her man knows about it.

“I collect rocks,” she told Celebuzz. “It’s in my closet. I collect rocks from the science store, and then if I see a nice rock on the ground, I pick it up and I put it in my collection.”

Well... it sounds like her shoes have some interesting company! While we kind of already knew about this bizarre hobby, she revealed more details during this interview, including her favorite rock!

“I like sedimentary ones because they’re like chalk!” she explained.

Oh, of course! It sounds like Snooks really knows her rocks. Now that the cat is out of the bag, do you think Jionni is going to start adding to her collection, or will she somehow keep it a secret? Sound off below!

Source: Celebuzz