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The Bachelor

Why Bachelor Sean Lowe Should Choose Catherine Giudici

Neil Lane's dwarves are currently mining diamonds in preparation for Sean Lowe's epic proposal on The Bachelor (also, Neil Lane is Snow White), but the eternal question remains: Which lucky lady will Sean give his last rose to?

We have our eye on Catherine Giudici (mostly because she's better than all your faves), so check out three reasons Sean should throw caution to the wind and pop the question!

1. They Have So Much Fun Together, Sob!
Put Sean and Catherine in the same room (room = glacier) and they're like two happy-go-lucky Labrador retriever puppies who just want to lick each other all over and play catch. These lovebirds have non-stop fun when they're around each other, and we can already tell that they're becoming fast friends. But are they friends with bennies? That's where number two comes it, y'all.

Credit: ABC    

2. Their Chemistry Is Up the Wazoo
Sean and Catherine can barely keep their paws off each other. In fact, they're killing us softly with their cuteness. When these two aren't busy kissing, they can be found cuddling, holding hands, staring into each other's eyes, wrinkling their noses, and nuzzling. Fingers crossed that Catherine makes it all the way to Sean's fantasy suite, and double fingers crossed that Chris Harrison installs a hidden camera.

3. They Are Totally Drama-Free
Catherine and Sean have had their fair share of real-talk, but they don't seem interested in sullying their whimsical relationship with heavy conversations. These two always keep things light and drama-free, which is vital in every love-connection. Plus, we're pretty sure Catherine is the only contestant who hasn't broken down into a fit of ugly-crying. Girl deserves a ring on her finger as a reward.

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