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9-Year-Old Child Reportedly Gives Birth in Mexico as Officials Search for Father

This is one of those heartbreaking stories that will stick with you forever. According to officials in Mexico, a 9-year-old girl has given birth to a baby of her own. (via The New York Daily News) reports that both the young girl and the baby are healthy and have been released from the hospital.

But in the meantime, officials are searching for the reported 17-year-old father (according to her family), who has run away. “We are looking for the young man to get his story because she does not understand what has happened,” said Jorge Villasenor from the state prosecutors’ office. “This is a rape or child sex abuse case.”

Stories about babies having babies aren’t anything new, but 9 years old? That’s the youngest we’ve ever heard of, and it’s just a gut-wrenching situation. That this young girl was a victim of abuse is horrifying. But in addition, so many questions come to mind, like, how did a 9-year-old deal with the pain and fear of childbirth? It’s one thing for a 20- or 30-something to decide to have a child, but even the most together adult has some fear of labor and delivery the first time. And what about postpartum issues? Imagine a 9-year-old in a state of depression after giving birth — it’s just painful to think about.

We know that horrible things happen everywhere, but a story like this makes all of the crusades against child abuse all the more crucial.

Source: (via The New York Daily News)

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02.7.2013 / 07:34 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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