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Teen Mom

Did Leah Messer and Corey Simms Get Back Together After She Got Pregnant With Jeremy’s Baby?

During the Season 3 finale of Teen Mom 2 on Feb. 4, we watched Leah Messer struggle to tell her ex-hubby Corey Simms about her pregnancy. Much to our surprise, she revealed she felt stuck in her new relationship with pipeline engineer Jeremy Calvert and was having second thoughts about their engagement. Talk about a bombshell!

Corey was obviously super shaken-up by the news — heck, we even saw him shed a few man-tears! But he wasn't crying because he wanted his former wifey back. In fact, he told MTV that his romantic feelings for Leah shut down immediately after she broke the news.

So for people wondering if these West Virginia lovers ever got back together, the answer is no. Leah soon realized that although no man would ever take the place of Aliannah and Aleeah's biological pops, she and Corey just weren't meant to be.

Sadly, Leah miscarried in January 2012 — but the loss didn't halt her relationship with Jeremy. The couple wed later that spring and just welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world on February 4, 2013.

As for Corey, he's happily engaged to a gorgeous police officer named Miranda Patterson.

Do you think Leah made the right decision to stay with Jeremy when she got pregnant, or should she and Corey have given it another try?