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Jersey Shore

Do Deena Nicole and Snooki Still Have “Meatball Days”? One Guidette Says…

When it comes to meatballs, Deena Nicole was the biggest one on Jersey Shore . During the show’s six seasons, she and Snooki had their fair share of crazy days — some ending with jail time — but since then, they’ve both truly grown up, leaving their partying pasts behind them.

However, we were curious if Deena ever goes on a meatball bender for old time’s sake, and luckily, the guidette answered that very question today on MTV.

“Meatball Days truly only go with Nicole, and me and her haven't done one in awhile,” she revealed to MTV’s Remote Control blog. “Those were crazy — I don’t even know if I could do them anymore, to be honest with you. I think I'm getting old! It's really sad.”

Aww! Well, we’re sure she has plenty of other of fun ways to occupy her time, like campaigning to be on Dancing With the Stars and canoodling with her boyfriend, Chris!

Are you surprised that Deena and Snooki don’t party hard anymore? Sound off below!

Source: MTV’s Remote Control