Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Speculation: Who Could Be Fired?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Speculation: Who Could Be Fired?

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A recent spoiler suggests one of the Seattle Grace-Mercy West docs could be shown the door during Grey's Anatomy Season 9, probably in the wake of all the changes at the hospital.

While we doubt whoever gets fired will lose their job (and place on the show) for long — unless it's one of the interns, but more on that later — we're still wondering who could go.

Here are our top theories, based on what we've seen so far this season.

Sarah Drew (April Kepner). The ER is on its way out, she still hasn't passed the boards, and on Season 9, Episode 14: "The Face of Change" she breaks the rules in a big way. There are a lot of reasons April could end up jobless. On the other hand, the show has already dealt with April getting let go recently, after she failed to pass the boards, so the writers might not want to retread old ground.

Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.). Dr. Cahill warned him that he's logged the least hours in the ER, and he's clearly not big on change. Could the hospital's new owners decide he's too much of a relic?

Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson). There's been a lot of emphasis put on the fact that Bailey is willing to do whatever it takes to save her job, and that theme continues next episode. Could that be to set up a huge shock when she's laid off? (On the other hand, who would dare to fire Bailey?)

Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). The man did have a pretty big hand in landing the hospital in trouble in the first place. Though, honestly, we find it more likely that he'd be demoted from Chief than straight-up fired.

One (or more) of the interns. Fan reaction to the new interns has been mixed at best. A firing or two could be a good way to clear the herd of new characters while also proving the new leadership is serious business.

Who do you think will be fired? Share your theories in the comments below.

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