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Miley Cyrus: Liam Hemsworth Loves My Short Hair, It’ll Never Be Long Again

Miley Cyrus doesn't even like looking at old pictures of herself with long hair.

"I wish someone would've ripped those out of my head because the extension thing is so not cute," she told E! News in a new video interview. She doesn't miss her long hair at all, and she got to a point where she felt like she had it up in a bun every day.

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Plus, she added, it's easier to just shave the sides of her head once a week than get her roots done and the other maintenance with long hair. "I feel like, short hair, the messier it is, the better it looks.”

So expect this short hair to stick around. “I love it. My fiancé [Liam Hemsworth] loves it. I'm feeling it." She said she could maybe see herself going through a grow-out process, "but I could never see myself having long, long hair again."

Watch the video for her details about her upcoming record, which will be released before her wedding to Liam.

Source: E! News