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Nashville’s Top 10 Quotes From Season 1, Episode 12: “It’s Your First Time on My Rodeo”

It’s all over but the fighting, and we cannot believe how much punch was packed into Nashville Season 1, Episode 12 “I’ve Been Down This Road Before.” Get it guys? Because the fisticuffs were only topped by the hate-sexing between Teddy (Eric Close) and the chick from Father of the Bride, and the elevator grope that was Rayna (Connie Britton) and Deacon (Charles Esten). With all that action going on, it’s a wonder there was time to talk. Here are the top 10 best quotes from the night:

10. Did you hear? Deacon is a modern day Yoda.
Deacon (Charles Esten): “There’s thinkin’ ‘bout doing something, and then there’s just doing it.”

9. The pills are alive with the sound of music!
Teddy (Eric Close): “You trying to tell me something?”
Peggy: “You trying to hear something?”

8. Any other stupid questions, lady?
Rayna (Connie Britton) (to Deacon): “What are you doing here?”
Deacon: “I play guitar for people who pay me money, so I’m doing that.”

7. Must be 4’11” to ride that ride.
Deacon: “it’s not my first rodeo”
Juliette (Hayden Panettiere): “it’s your first time on my rodeo.”

6. Um, is that an insult? We can’t tell.
Glen: “You don’t get to lecture her on the difference between doing and thinking. The only thing I’ve ever seen you do is think.”

5. A valid question...
Gunnar: “What if i want to bring a girl home?”
Scarlett: “Then do it.”
Gunnar: “What if I want to bring two girls home?”

4. That’s not what he meant when he said “a show to remember.”
Rayna: “What is she doing?”
Glen: “She’s having a nervous breakdown in front of 10,00 people.”

3. Like the perfect shade of blush!
Gunnar (to Scarlett): “You may be delusional, but it’s working for you.”

2. You mean like when two people who are secretly in love move in together?
Gunnar: “Your parents really believe you slept in separate beds?”
Scarlett: “There’s this reasonable deniability thing in my family. As long as you pretend everything’s fine, it is.”

1. And that, friends, is how you stick it to the man-child.
Gunnar (to Avery): “You’re lonely and you hate yourself ever since you took up with Marilyn. You made your choices and now you have to live with them. But don’t disrespect Scarlett like that. Because you didn’t ever deserve her.”