OMG Moments From The Bachelor Episode 6: Tierra Almost Dies in a Lake
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The Bachelor

OMG Moments From The Bachelor Episode 6: Tierra Almost Dies in a Lake

Please canoe with us through a frozen lake of OMGs and feel the rain on your skin. The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 6 was a brilliant cornucopia of WTFs, amazing sweaters and traumatized racoons, and we've rounded up the biggest jaw-droppers for you to look back on.

Also, you might get second-hand hypothermia while reading this.

1. Sean Lowe and AshLee Frazier Re-Enact 50 Shades of Grey
If we've learned one thing from The Bachelor, it's that people named Ashley are super into S&M. First Ashley Palenkas tried to strangle Sean Lowe with a necktie, and now AshLee Frazier has unleashed her fetish for blindfolds. Yep, AshLee made Sean engage in a steamy, blind-folded makeout session — and we use the term "makeout session" loosely. Mostly Sean's tongue just probed at AshLee's mouth like a horny deep sea diver.

2. Tierra LiCausi Almost Dies... Again
While the rest of Sean's ladies plunged into sub temperate waters like it ain't no thing, Tierra LiCausi pretty much flopped over and half-died. We assume she didn't swim near enough to the heat emanating from Sean's abs, but either way her toes will never be the same. They are like a shell of their former toe selves. Also, we appreciate the fact that Tierra spent the rest of the evening wearing a fur stole — girl probably skinned some random woodland chipmunk to make it.

3. Sean Kicks Sarah Herron to The Curb
We haven't stopped ugly crying since Sean slowly and painfully deflowered Sarah Herron. We pretty much went through the breakup with her, except instead of wearing a cocktail dress we were wearing a fanny pack full of beef jerky. Also, was it really necessary for Sean to humiliate this gal by kicking her out prior to the Rose Ceremony? Does he reign of terror never end?!

4. Sean and Desiree Get Their Mack On in Super Spiritual Teepee
Please light a smudge stick and weave yourself an impromptu dream catcher — oh wait, totally not necessary. ABC's craft department took care of that for us. And they also erected a teepee with some "tribal paintings" that we're pretty sure were drawn with glitter. Because the Native American's definitely had glitter on hand back in the days of yore. Either way, Desiree and Sean were so inspired by the ambiance that they made out all over the place, though let's be honest. We'd make out with anyone wearing Sean's sweater.

5. Sean and Catherine Giudici Go Deep — and We're Not Just Talking About Their Tongues
Up until now Sean and Catherine Giudici have enjoyed a pretty whimsical relationship full of giggles and adorable nose wrinkles, but there's something about a hand-whittled ice castle that just inspires real talk. And by real talk, we mean Catherine told the most depressing story we've ever heard in our lives — aka the time she witnessed death-by-tree. Romantic, but also terrifying.

That's all. Just think about it.