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Jersey Shore

Snooki’s Baby, Lorenzo, Can Do WHAT Now? The New Mom Reveals His Latest Milestone!

In baby Lorenzo’s five months on this Earth, he has tackled many things, including vroom-vrooming his first car, wooing his first girlfriend, and, most importantly, discovering his own feet. However, Snooki and Jionni’s tiny tot recently achieved two more big milestones — and we can’t even deal with how cute they are!

“He’s cooing now! And he’s gotten really good at holding his head up,” Snooki revealed to Us Weekly in their Feb. 18 issue. But there’s one thing she’s still waiting for.

“I can’t wait for Lorenzo to start crawling so we can play with him,” she spilled. Though we’re sure they’re having fun with all of his toys, when he starts crawling (and eventually walking), it will be even more exciting for the family.

While all of these milestones are cute, there’s one thing that we just don’t get about Snooki’s relationship with her son: why she loves when he gets gassy.

“I like Lorenzo’s farts, even though they smell like rotten eggs and legit s—t,” she revealed in last night’s episode of Snooki & JWOWW. “I love it! He’s such a tiny baby, but he farts like a grown man.”

Well... a mother’s love is unconditional, right? Are you surprised by how much Lorenzo has accomplished? Sound off below!

Source: Us Weekly, Feb. 18 print edition