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Woman Gives Birth Right After Breaking Her Leg — OUCH!

Every mother loves sharing her delivery story. Doesn’t matter if the baby slid out in one minute or it took days of skull-crushing pain — moms who give birth feel compelled to remind everyone of how it happened.

We’ll admit, we’re the worst offenders of them all, but even our little labor stories are nothing in comparison to what happened to 32-year-old Emma Ramsay, who told her story to the UK’s Mirror.

After spending a night in the hospital due to false labor, the very pregnant mom-to-be was sent home, where she slipped on the ice and fell, breaking both her leg and ankle. So it was back to the hospital for Emma, where the doctors determined that on top of the break, she was also 5 centimeters dilated and needed to deliver — prior to surgery on her ankle.

Poor Emma had to deliver a child with a broken limb! “I’d get a contraction and take gas and air — but then I’d be hit by the pain in my leg,” she recalled. Wanna hear the worst coinkydink? As Emma left the hospital after her first false labor stay, the nurse said, “Watch you don’t break a leg when you leave — it’s icy out there.”

Don’t you know you never jinx a pregnant woman?

Source: Mirror

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02.7.2013 / 07:07 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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