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The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky: Finding Love on The Bachelor Is Not Realistic

Real talk ladies and gentleman: Ali Fedotowsky is totes over the love bacchanalia ABC is throwing in our smokin’ pipes week after week. Although homegirl was all up in The Bachelor’s kitchen back in the day, and had all the boys koala clamping themselves to her on The Bachelorette, she thinks it’s all kind of bunk.

I don’t think it’s a probable way of meeting someone, no,” Ali reveals to A Drink With. “The odds are against you. Nobody goes on the show, unless they are crazy, thinking they are going to find the love of their life. No woman or man thinks,’This will be my husband’ without even meeting them. Maybe you are hopeful something will happen or hopeful for a great experience.”

So, why do it then? It’s not like there weren’t previous models — good (Trista) and bad (everyone else) — to learn from. “My thing was that it was going to be a great story to tell when I’m old and have kids. So when you do actually have feelings you are surprised!”

With a guy as hot as Roberto Martinez dangling in front of her eyes, it’s easy to believe Ali got hypnotized by the whole thing. But that love fizzled out and since then, Little Fed has grown wise to the ways of the hairier sex. Although she’s currently single, word is she’s down to accept a rose if it comes from the right guy...

Source: A Drink With

02.8.2013 / 05:38 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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