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Are Brittany and Santana Really Over For Good?

If there’s one thing that’s become abundantly clear to us in recent Glee spoilers, it’s that Brittany (Heather Morris) and Sam’s (Chord Overstreet) fledgling relationship isn’t going away anytime soon.

As much as we would love to see Britt back with her ex, Santana (Naya Rivera), it appears she’ll be sticking with Trouty Mouth for a while. In fact, actress Heather Morris even said recently that though Brittany and Santana are still friends, “they won't get back together, I don't think."

Is that really the case? Is there truly no hope of Brittana ever getting back together... like, ever? Not so fast, says Glee creator Ryan Murphy. The situation is not nearly that dire.

Credit: Photo Illustration: Jennifer Day/Wetpaint Entertainment    

On January 18, a fan tweeted, “Heather said Brittana will not get back together but you've told us there is hope. Who should we believe?”

Ryan replied, “Believe the person who runs the writers’ room.”

There you have it. Glee’s boss, the show’s ultimate decision-maker, says that Brittana isn’t over yet. Never lose hope!

Source: Ryan Murphy on Twitter

02.8.2013 / 07:51 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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