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Jersey Shore

Deena Nicole Is “Excited to Have Kids” — Will Lorenzo Have a New BFF Soon?

The Jersey Shore guidettes are really growing up. JWOWW is on her way to a fairy tale wedding, Snooki has popped out her first little one, and Sammi Sweetheart is living with her boyfriend, Ronnie. So, how does their BFF Deena Nicole feel about her future?

After seeing her fellow meatball, Snooks, with baby Lorenzo, Deena is feeling very maternal.

“Seeing Nicole turn into this beautiful mom — I would love to be a mom one day,” Deena told MTV. “When he was a baby, he just looked like a little baby, but it's crazy because he's starting to get features.”

Aww! She also added that as he grows each day, he’s “starting to look more and more like Nicole.” We’ve got to agree — especially after this photo that Snooks posted of her and Enzo!

“It kind of got me excited to have kids someday!” Deena concluded.

Hey, Chris, do you hear that? Maybe she’ll have a little girl who can date Lorenzo later in life, or if she has a boy, he’ll have an immediate BFF! Let’s just hope they’re not big meatballs, too...

Do you think Deena will be a good mom? Tell us below!

Source: MTV