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Emily Deschanel: “I Look Forward” to Seeing Brennan’s Marriage Proposal to Booth!

Season after season, it’s the one question every Bones fan wants to know: Will Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) ever get married?

So far, there appear to be no plans for a wedding anytime soon. But when Brennan is shot and near-fatally wounded during Monday’s Season 8, Episode 15: “The Shot In The Dark,” all of that might change.

During a conference call with reporters on February 7, actress Emily Deschanel revealed that Brennan’s brush with death will significantly alter the way she looks at life. But will that mean that marriage is suddenly an option?

“I think [a tragedy] like this always makes you [...] look at every situation in your life and think, is this how I want it to be?” Emily says.

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The Bones star reveals that Booth and Brennan will discuss getting married in an episode she is about to shoot next week. However, there’s a catch. “There’s not necessarily a resolution, but it is discussed again.”

That said, Brennan has already turned down Booth’s proposal once, and Emily says that he’s definitely not eager for the possibility of being shot down a second time.

“Booth is not going to ask Brennan to marry [him] again. He’s already said it. He said You have to ask me. So she’s also always said that she’s not getting married, and so far, having a child hasn’t changed that — or at least, changed her stubbornness about asking him. So we’ll see.”

Does that mean all hope is lost? Emily doesn’t think so. “I imagine at some point it will."

“I look forward to seeing what Brennan’s proposal to Booth is like. But so far, I can’t say that I know definitively if that’s happening yet.”