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Is Glee’s Emma a Runaway Bride? Burning Question!

Say it ain’t so, Glee! Will you deny us our happy Wemma wedding? On Valentine’s Day, no less?! Ryan Murphy promised us a wedding — but he said nothing about a marriage. And things are looking pretty grim on that front, judging from these set photos at the wedding shoot.

In fact, the more we hear (and see) about Season 4, Episode 14: “I Do,” the more we fear for Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma’s (Jayma Mays) big day, when we’d rather be celebrating good times.

First, Ryan tweeted a photo of someone who doesn’t look at all like Emma in a wedding dress. And now Emma might be a runaway bride? It’s beginning to look like the couple in question won’t be uttering the episode’s titular words after all!

Credit: Ryan Murphy on Twitter    

Will and Emma have had a bumpy road to this day, for sure. In fact, during “The Break-Up,” we were afraid they would be calling it quits along with the rest of the show’s power couples. Fortunately, they seemed to work out their differences quickly — or so we thought. Could there be some unresolved issues at play here?

Part of us wants to be in denial. Who says this scene can’t just be a dream sequence? Maybe Emma only thinks about leaving Will at the altar, but doesn’t actually go through with it! Sadly, what little evidence we have seems to point to the contrary. Plus, the fact that she kissed Finn doesn't seem to be helping any. We want to believe in things will work out, but we're just not sure it will be able to happen!

Here’s hoping this one has a happy ending.

02.8.2013 / 08:46 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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