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Is Zayn Malik Really Leaving One Direction? The Band Says…

Do you hear that? That noise you detect is the sound of a million worried fangirls simultaneously breathing a sigh of relief.

Zayn Malik is not, we repeat not, leaving One Direction.

On Wednesday, and unnamed source told Celebuzz that the British heartthrob, 20, was on the brink of leaving the band entirely. The source said Zayn was “rocked to his core” by accusations from an ex-stripper in Australia, Courtney Webb, who claims Zayn cheated on his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, by sleeping with her.

Having to deal with such scandalous public accusations could take a toll on anyone, but is the stress of the whole ordeal really enough to make Zayn quit what is arguably one of the most successful young music acts in the entire world?

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No, it’s not — at least according to representatives for the band. On January 8, the UK version of Yahoo OMG obtained an official statement from One Direction’s PR company, which said any talk of Zayn ditching 1D is completely false.

The statement reads, "It’s completely untrue, Zayn isn’t leaving the band."

There you have it. Now, take a deep breath. Go find your motor scooter and ride around on it while listening to “Kiss You” on repeat until nothing else in the world matters. (But just make sure that Harry Styles doesn’t pop up from behind you and tweak your nipples. Because, ouch. That stuff seriously hurts.)

Source: Yahoo OMG UK

02.8.2013 / 06:11 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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