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Jenelle Evans’s Husband Courtland Rogers on Suicide Watch!

Time to form a prayer circle and light a candle for our fallen homeboy, Courtland Rogers. Jenelle Evans's estranged husband has been having a pretty tough time since their recent split, and guys? It's not looking good.

Courtland is currently in hospital on suicide watch thanks to overwhelming depression about the status of his relationship with Jenelle (not to mention the fact that she just miscarried their baby).

“I wanted to die because I wasn’t with Jenelle,” Courtland told RadarOnline on Thursday, February 8. “I just didn’t know how to deal with the pain that I’m not with her.”

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Jenelle parted ways with Courtland after accusing him of cheating, and recently filed four counts of assault against him thanks to his purported domestic abuse. Courtland hopes that his hospitalization will help him get his act together, and ultimately win back his boo.

“I can’t live without my heart, and Jenelle is my heart,” Courtland told Radar. “I am going to get healthy in this hospital. I’ve been under suicide watch and I don’t even have shoelaces.

Wow, things must be serious if the doctors are worried that Courtland might take his life using shoelaces. Thank goodness he's getting help! “All I want is my wife back," Courtland said. "Jenelle is my best friend and I miss her.”

So far, Jenelle hasn't spoken out about Courtland's hospitalization. Check back in with Wetpaint Entertainment for updates about his condition!

Source: RadarOnline