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Promo for Glee’s Valentine’s Day Wedding: In-Depth Analysis of Season 4, Episodes 13: “I Do”

Grab your candy-coated Valentine’s Day goodies and fire up that chocolate fountain, because Glee’s next episode is airing on Valentine’s Day! Season 4, Episode 14: “I Do” hits our TV screens on the night of Thursday, February 14, and from the look of the promo video — we’re all in for quite the wild ride!

Will Wemma go through with the wedding? Or will one of them get cold feet? Which of the broken-up couples are headed for a “steamy” night of passion? We’re breaking down the promo: second by second, frame by frame, in search of clues. Take a look at what we’ve discovered.

00:01 — Will is back!
His time in Washington, D.C. has come to an end. Now Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) is back, and he’s ready to get married! Too bad he has no idea that his beautiful bride-to-be just swapped spit with another man.

00:03 — “Ms. Pillsbury and I are finally getting married.”
It’s true. We’ve seen photos of her wearing a wedding dress and everything. But the big question is: Will Emma actually go through with the wedding? She’s expressed plenty of doubts. And all those photos of her dashing away from the church don’t look promising. Runaway bride alert?

00:04 — “The Glee wedding event is here!”
Or is it? We’ve seen photos from what appears to be Will and Emma’s (Jayma Mays) wedding reception... but we’re still not convinced that both the bride and the groom will ultimately say “I Do.” We’ll note that we still have yet to see photos of either Will or Emma actually at their reception. Where could they be?

00:08 — Finn has a big confession for Rachel
“I kissed Ms. Pillsbury,” he tells her. “Like... on the mouth.” And Rachel’s currently sleeping/shacking up with a gorgeous semi-nudist with abs of steal. We’ll let you decide who’s winning that one.

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Strangely, though, Rachel doesn’t seem too shocked by Finn’s confession. She tenderly takes his face in her hands and looks into his eyes lovingly. Oh, you two. Stop all this nonsense and just DO IT ALREADY. Oh wait... you’re going to? And in a hotel room...?

That’s not the most romantic place to hook up. But whatever. We’ll take it. Happy V-day, indeed.

00:13 — But back to that Finn-Emma KISS.
Understandably, Finn is freaking out. “I’m worried about being able to look Mr. Schue in the eye,” he tells Emma. Her response is simple and tart: “Get over it.” (Um, okay. Who is this strange ginger woman, and what has she done with sweet little Emma?

00:16 — Jake and Marley are all dressed up for Valentine’s Day, and looking totally adorable!
But are they headed for a night of passionate lovemaking, too? Because we’ve definitely seen a photo of Jake (Jacob Artist) and Marley (Melissa Benoist) sitting on a hotel bed. Didn’t she want to take things slow? We’re not sure what happened to change her mind!

00:17 — “It’s a St. Valentine’s Day wedding... massacre”
Look at how beautiful the church is decorated! And how dapper Will looks! Oh, but Finn is the best man? Awkward.

Credit: Adam Rose/Eddy Chen/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

00:19 — Quinn and Santana are back for the wedding!
Quinn’s (Dianna Agron) pink dress and glitzy, multi-colored jacket are a bit too much to take, but Santana’s (Naya Rivera) sexy red cocktail dress couldn’t look more stunning. We’re glad to see Quinntana hanging out at the wedding, but we’re dying to know: Is this the episode where they’re going to KISS, or does that come later?

00:20 — Kurt and Blaine are back together!
Well, they’re performing a duet together, at least. That has to mean something, right? The song is “Just Can’t Get Enough,” from what we’ve heard.

And speaking of that, it’s sounding like Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) just can’t get enough of each other this episode, either. Glee creator Ryan Murphy tweeted that the two ex-lovebirds will make out inside a steamy car.

00:21 — “What does the song say?”
“Anything could happen!” Like Sue (Jane Lynch) showing up in a wedding gown completely identical to Emma’s? Somebody tell us this is just one of Emma’s panic-induced stress dreams. Because the thought of Sue making a play for Will — or anything of that sort — is just a little too strange for us to bear!

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