Sarah Herron: AshLee Frazier Is the Wrong Girl for Sean Lowe
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The Bachelor

Sarah Herron: AshLee Frazier Is the Wrong Girl for Sean Lowe

Bachelor Sean Lowe is up for anything — and is looking for a wife who is equally adventurous, judging by the obstacle course that is The Bachelor Season 17. In the span of the first handful of episodes, the contestants have milked goats, rappelled down from great heights (twice), battled it out on the roller rink, carried bales of hay across endless fields, and climbed trees. In fact, Sean seemed most gleeful while K-I-S-S-I-N-G Desiree "little bear cub" Hartsock while literally sitting in a tree. Ladies, if you wanna get with Sean, you gotta be up for doing activities all the time.

In a press call with reporters, recently eliminated contestant Sarah Herron shared her concerns about one girl who may not be ready to be Sean’s permanent sidekick: AshLee Frazier. Asked if she sees an intensity in AshLee, Sarah diplomatically says... Yes, and that she’s maybe not the girl for Sean.

“I can definitely see that. AshLee's a very sincere, big-hearted woman, but she's serious and she's not a goofball. She's not loads of fun. So I mean, she's just not like super energetic. She's just more like a calm, reserved, eloquent person, and that's great. But I think Sean really is looking for someone to bring the adventure and the fun, so I'm not sure how that's going to play out very well.”

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Source: ABC (via Reality TV World)