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Who Do You Want To See Emily Thorne With on Revenge: Daniel Grayson vs. Jack Porter vs. Aiden Mathis

Emily Thorne is surrounded by not one, but three super studs, all of whom are different exotic flavors of man candy, and all of whom are head-over-boat-shoes for her. But which Revenge guy deserves to be with Em and her hot self? That's where you come in.

Exhibit A Daniel Grayson
Emily initially pursued Daniel because he was integral in her plan to bring down the Graysons, but she quickly set her robot panel to "feelings" and developed a major crush. Sure, she broke his blue-blooded heart last season, but Em seems to have real love for Danny Boy. He's sweet, caring, rocks a sixpack, and he moonlights as a turtleneck-wearing poet. The downside? He's related to the Graysons. Now the couple is taking a step back in the direction of love. Could this be for real this time?

Exhibit B Jack Porter
Jack and Emily are destined to be together, but we're not sure he can handle her deranged, vigilante behavior. Then again, Jack and Emily have so much history, and they seem to be drawn together much like us and Cheetos. And did you check out the chemistry when they kissed over Sammy's half-dead and decaying body? Their love flame is burning. But nowadays he's all about Fauxmanda and the baby.

Exhibit C Aiden Mathis
Aiden and Emily have the most in common out of all her potential love interests. They both have a fetish for revenge, both love wearing black, have a mutual penchant for assuming fake identities, and oh yeah they're both besties with the mulleted mentor known as Takeda Satoshi. Thanks to their shared interests, Aiden understands Emily in a way Jack and Daniel can't, sigh! But Aiden now blames Emily for his sister's death so we're not sure how their relationship will work out.

This is a toughie. Who do you want to see Emily end up with, Revengers?

Someone else.

Team Jack!