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The Bachelor

Would Bachelor Sean Lowe Move Away From Dallas For His Fiancee?

Much like Kid Rock, Sean Lowe is a cowboy, baby. This Bachelor man-beauty was born 'n' bred in Dallas, Texas, and he has no intention of leaving anytime soon. In fact, when a fan asked Sean if he'd ever move to Los Angeles, he responded "love dallas. Not leaving."

You know what that means, ya'll! Sean wants his future wifey to pack her bags and move to his hometown, which could definitely be an issue. Most of the contestants on The Bachelor are hard-working independent women who might not want to give up their lives, but then again this is Sean we're talking about. Dude has made it more than clear that he expects his wife to pop out an army of babies as soon as they're hitched, so chances are these gals know what they're in for.

And let's not forget that Sean's extremely close to his family, all of whom live in Dallas. Clearly he wants his future kiddos to grow up with their grandparents just around the corner. Of course, his Bachelor fiancee probably has a family of her own, but whatever. Sean's fam-fam > everyone else's.

Source: Twitter