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Grey's Anatomy

Does April Kepner Belong With Jackson Avery or Paramedic Matthew? Sarah Drew Weighs In

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 has been an interesting one for April Kepner's (Sarah Drew) love life.

First, she had her hook up-with-feelings situation with Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), which seemed to be progressing towards something really good until her pregnancy scare ruined everything. Fortunately, the hottest paramedic around is super into her, and that romance looks like it's taking off.

So, who should she be with? While we won't mind having cutie Matthew on our screens for a while, we firmly back Japril in the long run. But it turns out Sarah Drew is more conflicted.

"They both offer [April] different things," she tweeted about the love triangle. "I don't know who she should be with." She added, "I love japril but i'm also really excited to see where the Matthew relationship goes as well."

Who do you think April belongs with? Sound off in the comments below.

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