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American Idol

Nicki Minaj Dissed For Being Too Harsh on American Idol Contestants: Do You Agree?

If you’re like us, you know at least one person who decided to swear off Season 12 of American Idol due to new judge Nicki Minaj. More and more, however, you might feel a desire to convince them to come back into the fold.

The oft-discussed feud with Mariah Carey is mostly ancient history, and the rapper turned judge has emerged as the one to watch (and listen to).

The Hollywood Reporter sang her praises, saying, “Her advice, her critiques, her dedication to the mission of finding a star was never more evident than it was Wednesday night. All at once, she was not just a judge, but a mentor with an investment in the future careers of these boys. Anyone who says they are not watching Idol because of her is missing out on one of the best judges in the series' history.”

Fellow rapper Scarface took to Twitter to note the Nicki’s brutal honesty, tweeting, “Damn Nikki is mean as f*ck on American Idol lol! Like a mean as school teacher.”

Although the tweet seemed to be light hearted ribbing, we have to admit we were shocked this past week by how harsh she has become. If she was Mr. Hyde during auditions, Hollywood Week has definitely brought out Dr. Jekyll. She was brutally honest with Paul Jolley, telling him she wanted one minute of professionalism from him, and even told tiny singer Matheus Fernandes that he needed to stop the “pity party” about his height.

But ultimately, the “Starships” singer seems completely invested in what happens to these contestants. When she felt strongly for a singer or group of singers, she fought tooth and nail for them. And when they didn’t live up to her expectations, she had no problem telling them so.

What do you think? Was Nicki too harsh on the hopefuls this week?

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Twitter

02.9.2013 / 12:54 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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