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Revenge Season 2: How Would Jack Porter’s Death Affect Emily Thorne’s Mission?

You guys! There’s a major death coming up in Revenge Season 2, and it might be the end of Jack Porter!

All we know is that Jack is aboard The Amanda when it explodes in Episode 14, “Sacrifice,” and rescuers uncover the hand of a dead, married man at the bottom of the ocean amongst the wreckage.

Obviously, Captain Jack is in our prayers, but if something were to happen to Montauk’s Finest, how would it affect Emily Thorne?

Jack’s her childhood sweetheart and the one man who gives her hope for the future. Sure, he’s all wrapped up in baby mama, Fauxmanda Clarke, but that would totally change the instant he discovered Emily’s true identity.

So if Jack were to die, would Emily give up her mission?

We have a feeling that his death would have the opposite effect. Since she wouldn’t have anything to live for, Emily would no longer fear death. She might even take out a couple of Graysons in the middle of her ultimate Revenging.

We’re picturing a machine gun-happy Ms. Thorne busting into The Initiative and destroying Helen Crowley in the flick of a switch.

Do you think Emily would go on a mission of destruction if Jack died or hang up her hoodie and quit fighting? Tell us below!

02.9.2013 / 02:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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