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Jersey Shore

Snooki and Lorenzo Look More Alike Every Day: Check Out Their Uncanny Resemblance! (PHOTOS)

The older that Snooki’s baby, Lorenzo, gets, the more he looks just like his mama. Sure, he bears resemblance to his proud papa, Jionni, too, but when we look at the little nugget, we see the splitting image of Snooks — minus the fake eyelashes, of course.

Out of all of his features, the 5-month-old’s big eyes, tiny nose, and chubby cheeks are what match up most to Snooki. Though she’s a skinny mini now, if you look at her as a child in the photo above, she still had some baby fat.

Her hair is a bit unruly here, but she’s also a bit older in this pic. If we had one of her as a small baby on hand, we’re sure that you would hardly be able to tell them apart! But then again, with Enzo’s snazzy shirt and tie, his fancy upbringing might have been a dead giveaway...

With this side-by-side comparison, who do you Lorenzo looks more like: his mom, Snooki, or his dad, Jionni? Vote below!

02.9.2013 / 08:30 PM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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