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The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 Spoilers: Which Duo Has a Sad, Sudden Split?

How is it that we only have two days until The Walking Dead Season 3 returns after a two month break, and there are STILL so many question marks about what we'll see on Sunday's Episode 9? Well played, AMC. Well played.

E! News got to see "The Suicide King" in advance (jealous!) and dropped some spoiler bombs today, including this intriguing note:

"Look for a Split You Didn't See Comin': A certain character sure seems to have gotten attached to his or her community, not to mention a particular person. Together, this duo has thrown off some mad chemistry, but this episode, we see a sad and sudden break."

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What? Apart from the mad chemistry, we'd think Daryl and Merle, but they don't even seem to "break" after their time in the Woodbury fight club pits. They may not trust each other, but a promo shows them still together, after getting out alive. Besides, that would be a split we’d see coming. Maybe it's a Daryl/Carol split? How would that work? Maybe Daryl decides to stick with Merle, leaving the prison folks (and Carol) behind?

Mad chemistry ... maybe Glenn and Maggie? Could Glenn take his revenge plot too far, and alienate Maggie? That would be heartbreaking, but it sounds like she just wants to protect Team Prison and he wants to actively take down The Governor and Woodbury. Or maybe it’s Andrea and The Governor? Their break would not be "sad," though. They refer to "a certain character" as if it specifically concerns the actions of one person. That might fit Andrea best, unless something happens to Glenn or Maggie? What are you thinking with this? Is someone major going to die on Sunday? Don't kill Glenn or Maggie — please!

Source: E! News

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02.9.2013 / 12:22 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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