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Gossip Girl

Was Leighton Meester Responsible for Producers Revealing Gossip Girl’s Identity?

Gossip Girl’s identity was such a super secret that we were afraid we would never find out that it was secretly the walking-talking Tickle Me Elmo that is Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley). In fact, writers and producers even toyed with the idea of never revealing LB/GG’s identity. Real talk: that would have been completely unacceptable.

Lucky for all of us who did want to know who was trash-talking his way around the Upper East Side, we had Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) on our side. “I think the goal with the series finale was to answer as many questions as possible,” producer and creator Josh Schwartz says in the Season 6 DVD extras (via E! News). But although he was on board with telling us, say, whether Nate (Chace Crawford) would end up with one of his many girlfriends, Leigh provided a nice push from inside.

“I have asked Stephanie a lot about who Gossip Girl is, and I’ve had my own ideas, but she won’t tell me. She won’t even give me a hint,” Leighton reveals in the featurette. Sounds like she got a little help from her Blair alter ego to get things done. How does Leighton feel about her ex being GG? Who cares, because she marries Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) onscreen and is dating Adam Brody IRL. It’s good to be Queen.

Source: E! News

02.9.2013 / 01:43 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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