Will Teresa Giudice Testify For Husband Joe at His Upcoming Fraud Trial?
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Will Teresa Giudice Testify For Husband Joe at His Upcoming Fraud Trial?

There’s no denying Teresa Giudice’s loyalty to her husband, Joe, and she’s reportedly getting ready to take it to a whole new level later this month by testifying in his fraud case.

According to Radar Online, Joe is expected to be in court on Feb. 25 for a status update on his fraudulent identity case. For those of you who may need a little legal refresher, Joe was charged with fraud after he was caught driving with his brother’s license because his own license had previously been suspended, and he could face up to ten years in prison if convicted.

While the case hasn’t gone to trial yet, Joe’s lawyer knows that it will — and he maintains that it’s all because of Joe’s celebrity status. “We are going to trial,” his attorney Miles Feinstein tells Radar. “These charges and the threat of state prison are ridiculous for this event. I’ve said it all along, but it is because of Joe’s celebrity status that this hasn’t been resolved already.”

And when the trial does begin, Teresa’s testimony could be crucial to her husband’s defense. “Teresa could be a witness, but everything she would say would be positive for Joe,” his attorney continues.

Yikes! Do you think it’s smart for Teresa to testify on her husband’s behalf, or should she steer clear of the courtroom drama? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Radar Online