Why Aren’t Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Divorced Yet? — Exclusive
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The Kardashians

Why Aren’t Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Divorced Yet? — Exclusive

Unfortunately for Kim Kardashian, there’s one thing she won’t be giving thanks for at the dinner table this year: her divorce. It’s now been a year and three weeks since she split with Kris Humphries and the two are still legally married. Sure, the jokes about their never-ending legal battle have been around for awhile now, but this time we’re asking seriously: What’s the hold-up?

A source familiar with the case explains that it has less to do with the dissolution of the marriage and more to do with Kris’ allegations of fraud against his estranged wife. “Kris is suing her for fraud,” the source tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “Fraud cases simply take a lot longer to try than the average divorce.”

“There’s a heavy evidence-gathering process, which is where things are at right now,” the source adds. “And the judge has set a specific schedule which both sides have to follow. I believe there’s another hearing coming up in December. Neither Kim nor Kris will have to be there, it’s just another preliminary hearing.”

In other words, it will be 2013 before the trial even gets anywhere near the point of starting. The two were married in August 2011 and apart by November — but at this rate, they’ll be lucky if they’re divorced by the second anniversary of their wedding or their split.

But look at the bright side guys — it’s looking good for 2014!