Is Another Kardashian Family Member Pregnant?
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The Kardashians

Is Another Kardashian Family Member Pregnant?

There sure are a lot of headlines about Kardashians and babies these days!

Kim Kardashian is pregnant, Khloe Kardashian is discussing her fertility issues and Kourtney Kardashian is sharing her breast milk with the world. But is there another Kardashian family baby on the way?

On tonight’s episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Brandon Jenner’s wife Leah wasn’t feeling well, and it didn’t escape the notice of eagle-eyed mama Kourtney. She was sure Leah was pregnant, and started plying her with morning sickness remedies.

Leah blamed her persistent nausea on bad airplane food, and Kourtney still wasn’t buying it. But she was playing it cool, and only shared her suspicions with the KKTM confessional camera.

“I’m assuming Leah’s in her first trimester and they’re not sharing the news until she’s reached the safe point,” Kourtney explained. “So I will just try to keep the secret on the down-low.”

Very thoughtful, Kourt! But you know what they say, “When you assume...”

At dinner, Leah had a sip of wine, and Kourtney couldn’t take it! She told Leah not to drink alcohol, and we’re not sure which of the following was more priceless: The total confusion on Leah’s face, or the fact that it took Kim and Kris Jenner all of two seconds to ask if she was pregnant.

Her answer: no!

Not only was Kourtney embarrassed, but we'd guess she was pretty disappointed. After all, she’d also told the cameras how thrilled she was to have someone to talk babies with. Luckily, we're sure that Kourtney's recovered from her red-faced moment, especially now that Kim is pregnant and she can have all the baby talk she wants!