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The Walking Dead

Crazy Rick’s Vision: Was That [SPOILERS] on The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 9, “The Suicide King”?


Yep, Lori came back. She wasn’t done torturing Rick, so she came back to mess with his mind on The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 9, “The Suicide King.”

Showrunner Glen Mazzara talked to Entertainment Weekly after the February 10 episode aired.

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“That is a vision of Lori haunting Rick, and she’s appearing to him in what was her wedding dress, on the day he was happiest with her. And if you look at that moment — and this is important — if you look at that moment when he sees her, it’s right when he’s about to let Tyreese and his group join the group and stay in the prison. And his sanity cracks and his subconscious shows him this vision, which is a classic horror moment. And it’s at exactly the wrong time, and it ruins something for that group. And Hershel, who is very astute and a good friend of Rick’s and has a lot of insights into that Rick-Lori relationship — this will be an arc for him, the fact that his friend is slipping away. It activates Hershel in an interesting way. Hershel spent the back half of the first part of the season recovering from his injury. Hershel is now back and he’s ready to kick ass with his one good leg. He really needs to save his friend.”

As he continued, “The hallucinations are progressing, because they started on the phone. They started as auditory. Now they’re visual. And when he sees Shane, it’s in the middle of this chaos. Now he sees Lori in the middle of the group. So they’re progressing.” EW asked if that means we’ll see another departed cast member returning. “It’s possible. [long pause] It’s possible.”

What do you think? Will the dead rise again on TWD?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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