Revenge Live Chat: Season 2, Episode 13, “Union”
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Revenge Live Chat: Season 2, Episode 13, “Union”

After weeks away from our favorite shoreside drama, Revenge Season 2 is back with Episode 13, "Union." In it we'll be forced to watch Jack Porter and Fauxmanda Clarke's unholy union and Aiden Mathis's epic dumping of our girl Emily Thorne.

Times they are getting testy in the Hamptons, but it wouldn't be Sunday night without some major drama. This week we want to try something a little different and bring you a live chat of tonight's brand new episode.

So join Wetpaint Entertainment for our “Union” live chat! Keep refreshing for more updates and join the conversation in the comments.

9:01 — Aaand, we're already crying. RIP Sammy! If only underage married were legal.

9:03 — Fauxmanda deserves happiness? Was this before or after she stole Em's man, identity, or life? #Jemily

9:04 — The Graysons might be the enemy, but you don't seem to have any problem hopping into bed with Danny Boy, Ems!

9:05 — Declan and Charlotte playing house? Could Carl David Jr. Jr. be on the way?

9:07 — Umm Aiden, Emily might let you push her around, but no one messes with Nolan Ross.

9:12 — Even if The Initiative is blackmailing Padma, we'll never forgive her for hurting the Nolster's heart!

9:14 — So Victoria's willing to save her oblivious son, but not her oblivious lover? #priorities

9:16 — "And fully clothed how refreshing!" Oh Vicki, you saucy minx.

9:17 — Worse news than your twin sis marrying the love of your life? We don't think so! Break up that marriage stat!

9:21 — Sorry Jack, but Conrad just "educated" you. You're no match for this "man of means."

9:25 — We'd like Danny to "forgive and forget" real fast so things can start getting steamy again!

9:25 — If only Jack knew about Amanda's secret identity — ex-stripper Mandy. She's pretty handy with a shovel.

9:28 — When will Emily learn to stop using "infinity" as her password? Sigh, she's got to keep the riff raff out one of these days.

9:35 — No one abandons Emily Thorne! Well, except for everyone in her life (Nolan excluded).

9:37 — Nolan, remember your last romance? Tylenol was hot and all, but we're not looking for another shooting.

9:39 — No one deals with Victoria Grayson. She's a boss.

9:43 — Nolan is our God, but really, who gave this guy a license to wed?

9:44 — You guys, we're sobbing! How could Emily give up that treasured memento?!

9:46 — The deed is done. And we're out of tissues.

9:49 — If only Danny knew that Ems can definitely take care of herself! All she needs is a black hoodie.

9:51 — Naturally Victoria sips her drink before assisting Helen. It's casual.

9:53 — Whoever underestimates Victoria is in deep. Six feet under to be exact.

9:59 — Conrad, why do you always seems surprised by Her Royal Highness Victoria Grayson?

10:00 — We believe there's a "stowaway" aboard The Amanda. Pun totally intended, but panic totally set in as well.

02.11.2013 / 08:16 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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