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Revenge Review: What Did You Think of Season 2, Episode 13: “Union”?

Tonight’s episode of Revenge Season 2 was the end of Emily Thorne’s hopes and dreams, but the beginning of Fauxmanda Clarke’s journey to getting everything she ever wanted. The evil twin officially wed Montauk’s finest, Captain Jack Porter.

But the journey certainly wasn’t an easy one. Jack tried to threaten Conrad Grayson into keeping his promise to restore The Stowaway, but it was Mandy’s blackmail-heavy threats that actually got to the Grayson patriarch.

Speaking of blackmail, The Initiative is sinking its teeth further into Daniel Grayson, and Victoria is determined to keep her son safe. But her careless action could end up costing Danny his life when Helen Crowley catches wind of what Victoria’s up to.

Meanwhile, Nolan Ross is putting everything at risk for love when he chooses to believe Padma Lahari’s story of a kidnapped father and a dastardly plan. But the couple’s romance could end up costing them both their lives.

But it’s neither Padma nor Nolan who loses their life this episode. Anyone who knows Victoria Grayson knows not to mess with her family. Bye bye, Helen!

And Jack’s going to regret missing Declan’s call aboard The Amanda when he realized that there’s a sinister stowaway in the form of one Nate Ryan.

We thought tonight’s episode certainly justified missing the Grammy Awards, but what about you? Vote below!

Loved it!

It wasn't my favorite.

02.11.2013 / 08:38 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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